Sunday, April 3, 2011

What the Hell Happened to Me!?!

Sorry it's so difficult for me to keep up with the blog...I have a lot going on and not a whole lot of blogworthy stories. It's been an interesting year thus far and I'll hit the high points (since my last post which was in SEPTEMBER!?! I'm sorry, I suck).

  • I met, dated, fell in love with, first boyfriend, first Holidays, everything with K. We broke up in February.
  • He wanted me to work on me, but with the time commitments that I give to work, friends, and K, I didn't have any time for me. I realized that K would be a better friend than boyfriend.
  • I gained about 20 pounds in 2010...all fat.
  • I lost 25 pounds in 2011...all fat, and gaining muscle.
I'm constantly becoming the new me. I find problems with myself and I'm working on them. I've started a lot of great habits and I'm learning self control in ways that I need.

All I have is all I need. Let it be. Ask for what I need.

Things with my dad are better than they have ever been. Things with my mom are not the same, and I mourn that. Things with my sister & brother in law are pleasant & nice. My friends have changed, both faces and situations, and I'm good with that.

In 2011, I am starting a new business.
In 2011, I am asking for a major raise at my corporate job.
In 2011, I am remaking my body to save my life.
In 2011, I plan to buy a house.
In 2011, I am living with my heart, soul, head and cock looking to what's right, not convenient or easy.
In 2011, I am finding common sense, which is uncommon.
In 2011, I am not letting those bastards grind me down.
In 2011, I am getting a puppy.


As a Post Script, I originally wanted to rant about why some guys have forgotten how to kiss. I don't know when the 'drunk sorority girl sloppy lips' came into vogue, but it's commonality is getting really worrisome.

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Ryan said...

Sounds like a good plan for year 2011...