Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm really enjoying my new job! I'm not as busy as I have been which is nice. I'm finally finding a groove there, even though it's always playing catch up & they are going to add more tasks on in a few weeks lol. I'm doing well in that avenue...and even looking cute in my new clothes!

I'm really good at doing one thing at a saying that, I need some scissors. I need to cut some ties. I need to say some goodbyes. it's hard. I don't want to end up alone. I want to fight, but I feel strung along & nothing better coming up. What to do?

Let be.

Fuck. How am I still fighting the battles of the 14/23/25 year olds me?

thankful for real friends & booze.


Anonymous said...

amen to booze (he says as he sips another martini down) ;)

continued luck my friend

Anonymous said...


Dean Grey said...


Out with the old, in with the new!

Glad your new job is going well! Let's hope the other areas of your life move in that direction too!