Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Design

The Svenskt Tenn design philosophy speaks to my heart:

“There’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new, with combining different furniture styles, colours and patterns. Anything that is in your taste will automatically fuse to form an entire relaxing environment. A home does not need to be planned down to the smallest detail or contrived; it should be an amalgamation of the things that its owner loves and feels at home with.”

That's exactly how I feel when I'm at home. It's snowing today and I'm at work.


Michael Rivers said...

This is exactly what a home should be!!

It's really snowing in Minneapolis too. And yes, I'm at work. Would be a great day to be home.

Dean Grey said...


As the saying goes, there's no place like home!


Dane said...

I've got a funny story in the pipeline...look for it either tonight or early tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Home has to be what one loves and how one loves....tons of snow around here too!