Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm cooking my Valentine's meal tomorrow...following is the menu (3 courses, 5 dishes)...

First Course: seared iceberg lettuce w/ blue cheese and sauteed onions and bacon.

Second Course: Pork Chops w/ smashed potatoes & roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ sriracha & lime juice.

Third Course: Double chocolate toffee crunch brownies.

I'm cooking (I believe) for just me, but enough food basically for about 5 people.

CW and I went out to the bars tonight and had a lot of fun (as we always do). I told him he could possibly watch Zombieland with me tomorrow if he wanted a break from studying, and he said he was gonna take me up on that offer. We also kissed as we left for our respective homes, twice. I'm seriously trying to get over him, but this didn't help. I really enjoy him & would love for things to work out for us to be together but right now it's not working at all. I've gotta let it be. I don't know how I'll react if we do end up spending Valentine's Day together...But I was doing better beforehand.

I am cooking for myself. It's a reward for being me, and it's the longest relationship I'll ever have (with myself). My right hand definitely knows that haha.


hmwhat said...

I'm doing the same! I'm a bad cook though, so my Valentine's meal might turn out to look like dog food, but at least I'm learning.

Post pictures of your meal!

Steven Anthony said...

zombie land and all that great, seriously sounds perfect;)

Im alone today as well....Im cooking, but yours sounds way better;)

some day our prince will come....or so I keep telling myself...chin up;)

somethingkindawonderful said...

Great food choices! As for the guy issues, at least yours is in the same state.

Dane said...

The movie was AMAZING! one of the best I've seen in a long time!

The food was excellent! I really enjoyed dinner.

@Dylan: Sometimes a guy being in the same state/city is worse than them being in another state...I can't get him out of my head.

Dean Grey said...


The brownies sound AMAZING!

The best of luck between you and CW!