Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OMG I have a blind date tomorrow night. Well not so blind as just as a first date from someone I met on facebook.

We met tonight at Taco Tuesday at Iguana Lounge (one of the best Mexican food places in OKC).

He was really cute in person, reacted well to my jokes, and blushed like 7 times when people called him out (as gays are wont to do when in large groups). I just don't think he's into me. He doesn't know me.

He also just changed his number on Monday (due to an unknown reason). So do I message him on Facebook? Or do I let him text me tomorrow? Or do I just let him not bother with me? IFUCKINDONTKNOWWHATTODO!!! GAWD!

I'm just gonna follow my philosophy "Let be." But in that case, does that mean I'm being passive and not going after what I want? That's what I'm confused about.


Anonymous said...

now Im confussed...he changed his number after you made plans for tyhe date? and if so have you heard from him since?

follow your heart my friend;)

Dane said...

My heart says that I should keep my distance. This guy seems shady & I don't like drama...

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, "Let Be". I would think that if he changed his number, he would know that you didn't have it. So if it felt something and wanted to see you again, I'm sure he would send you a message and be like "hey! I changed my number". If not, he's definitely not worth it.

Dean Grey said...


Listen to your gut instinct.

If you feel uncomfortable or that something's just not right about this guy then it's probably true.

That being said, if you really liked him, what's the harm in sending a follow-up message? Something like, "Had a great time the other day. If you want to hang out again let me know!"

Good luck!


Dane said...

He's already got a new boyfriend..glad I followed my instinct.