Wednesday, February 10, 2010


That's how I feel right now.

The timing is off.
I don't make enough money.
My body doesn't look right.
I live in a poor neighborhood.
I have a big nose.
I am awkward.
I drive a truck.

And that my friends is my self-deprecating rant. I've tried to cry over the past few days but the tears just won't come.

I'm done.


Michael Rivers said...

It's awful to feel that way. I've been feeling a bit depressed myself. I'm trying to remember all the good things too.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I dont have any sensible answer really other than to take a sicky and try something new that day. Dont tell your boss that I made the suggestion of course.

Anonymous said...

I think this time of the year it's rather common for a hot stud like yourself to get down in the dumps; just keep in mind that spring is around the corner and there are a ton of folks here that are in your corner who adore you... even when we don't speak up all the time!

Anonymous said...

obviously I dont ya, but i read this and thought no way.I think you look amazing, and the other stuff, well I think we all go through spells like that, and this time of yr doesnt help....dont give up my friend;)

Anonymous said...

What happened?

Dane said...

I broke things off with CW this week. Work has been a bitch. I'm just a bit overwhelmed and that's probably because I haven't got laid in almost 2 months.

Dean Grey said...

Awww Dane.....

You look fine....more than fine and the other things you mentioned are all temporary things.