Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm not all that popular, that rich, or that powerful.

But what I am is so much more. I'm smart, well-educated, thoughtful, nice, giving, a great cook, among many other things.

In the past year, I've been called a great guy, an asshole, a great fuck, great cook, tries too hard, goofy, and an asshole (multiple people lol).

I get caught up in perceptions and what people will think of me so much that I forget to just live. I am happy for today.


Michael Rivers said...

It's very important to remember all the great things we are!! (And, knowing you're a great fuck never hurts! It helped my ego when I was told that.) :-)

Aaron said...

I think you're pretty damn awesome!

hmwhat said...

Great post. We always need to stop for a second and remember what other people think isn't important. It's impossible to not care what others think about us, but the way that influences our own view on our ourselves is what's important.

Dean Grey said...


Who cares what other people think!

We like you just the way you are!!