Friday, January 22, 2010

10000 + 49

I'm constantly amazed how fast time passes...except when I'm broke and waiting for the next paycheck..drunk post ahead! I'm 10049 days old haha.

CW went back to school this week which means he's in my neighborhood daily, but only when I'm at work so we haven't seen each other since Monday morning (he spent the night).

I'm loving my work these days because it's so relaxed and we are moving forward, upward, & onward! It's nice to see growth in all of our departments and in our new ventures. We are bringing in one of the 20th century's greatest modern artists (Michael Craig-Martin: he taught the Young British Artists) to do a lecture in a few weeks and the response has been awesome! We also have a HUGE event next weekend and classes started this week and it's been AMAZING how things have gone. I really enjoy my coworkers and everything...the only thing I'd change is I would like to make more money for the work that I do (it's equivalent with the middle/upper managers but I make base for our organization because I'm still the lowest ranked).

I'm enjoying the Glee vol 2 it for Christmas and I'm loving it.

I'm a bit drunk, hence the positive post tonight because I've had time to be positive & loosened up. I'm so buttoned up all the time and it really makes me worry that I'll never be happy.

I went to my doctor this week and she's amazing. When I came out to her (like 2 years ago), her reaction was completely positive. She's my family's doctor so she knows my parents. She asked me about them and I told her it's baby steps, 2 steps forward, 2 steps back...then she asked me about condoms she always does. I told her I play safe but lately it's been no-penetration-Dane hahaahahhahaahahhahahaahahaha (which sucks cause I LOVE LOVE anal!! haha)

Anyway...LOL, she ordered a random test for someone my age (a colonoscopy because the one time I bottomed-once in a 4 month period of course- I had a bit of blood in my stool afterward and she wanted to make sure I was good to go for the future...) Anyway, she told me I'm gonna live forever cause I'm healthy as a horse which I guess was great for her to say? IDK.

Is a colonoscopy weird to be ordered for a 27 y/o? Or was she just being over protective and making sure I don't have some weird anal cancer?

In other news, I'm just like my dad, the music is WAY too loud in my apartment right now...he blew out like 4 sets of speakers when I was growing up LOL...But I like it most things in life (wine, food, music, sex haha) We're alike in many other ways but it scares me how like I am to him!


hmwhat said...

It's actually not to uncommon to have a colonoscopy that young. My aunt has colon cancer right now, so most of my family went out and got a colonoscopy afterwards. I haven't had one yet, but I"m planning on it.

And I'm glad you're drunk right now! Haha, it's good to loosen up a bit and relax. You deserve it.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I hate birthdays like 10049!

Dean Grey said...

Dane, you drunk ding-a-ling! LOL

I'm glad to hear that you and everyone else in your department are advancing up!

That is great news!