Saturday, December 26, 2009


What a way to end the decade. The aughts was the decade from HELL!

Anyway, I survived the blizzard of 09 at my parents house. I came out on Wednesday before the weather arrived and have been cooped up with my family since then. We got about 14 inches here (OKC is paralyzed with about 2 inches) so you can only imagine how rough it's been (5 deaths, 500 injuries, 1000 car accidents). It was a very nice (and my first white) Christmas.

I got some sweaters, socks, gloves, a jacket, cologne, cookware, and a new truck. It has been the best and most practical Christmas ever! I'm very excited about all of it!!

Anyway, just wanted to update the world about my adventures in Snow. Pictures coming soon.


Anonymous said...

other than the snow sounds like you had a great holiday;)

peace my friend

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I forget that many people have not seen a white christmas - I live in New York State so we have a white Christmas every year. I'm glad you had a great one!

Aaron said...

glad u had a good Christmas! :) and I am glad you're all happy!! :D Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!