Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MAPS3 Update

Well I went to a small meeting (with about 25 people there) and the mayor was there giving a presentation about MAPS3. I was happy that he finally gave us some more details about what will happen if it passes. I was sad that he was going about it at 25 people at a time.

I did get to ask him an important question about the convention center (the most wasteful part of the proposal) and he admitted (Thankfully!) that it wouldn't be a revenue source for the city. He admitted that it would only be balanced by the Ford Center (our NBA basketball arena) as a revenue positive site.

His proposal, while well rehearsed, only moved my positive outlook by about 10% (from 25-35%) for my vote. I'm still planning on voting no unless someone will convince me to vote yes. I am a skeptic about this proposal, and any proposal about making MAPS a perpetual tax while not addressing infrastructure issues. I was pleased to get a follow up question and overall I thought it was a good discussion. I only wish he would have spent more time taking questions rather than giving us his spiel. We are the most informed people in the area (it being a Midtown Rotary meeting).

Anyway, I was very pleased about the evening and hope that if it does pass, I will be considered for the Citizen's Oversight Board (an unconstitutional, non-binding volunteer committee supposedly going to oversee the progress of these projects).


Anonymous said...

I hope it all goes the way you want it to;)


Dean Grey said...


I give you credit for going to the presentation and actually asking questions.

Not many people take active roles in their community unfortunately.

Good for you!