Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last MAPS3 Post...Maybe?

Okay I keep saying that I'll stop talking about MAPS3 but I'm still so intrigued with it. Here is the link to how OKC voted. I was surprised how many outlying areas voted against it. Anyway, I think it's such a big project that I still want to be involved with it.

I've applied to be on the citizen advisory board to be in charge of doling out the money for projects...the city has processed my application and I hope that I get chosen (there's a total of 6 positions available) so my odds are very slim. It's all a waiting game. I still think that being involved is important regardless of my opposition. I can at least promise that I will be well informed and as a minority class young gay, I'd definitely have the ability to make sure things are done correctly and not waste money.


Steven Anthony said...

So does your wanting to be involved with this mean you will not be taking the overseas job?

Dane said...

the job overseas is definitely not a certainty. I am looking at it as an option. There's some things happening now at my current job (not going to discuss them publicly until some things are figured out & for HR issues), so I have a few options right now. 2010 looks to be an interesting year.

Steven Anthony said...

either way 2010 seems to be looking up for you, Im glad;)

best to you;)

Dean Grey said...

Stop talking about it already!!!!

Just kidding, Dane!