Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I had a great holiday! It was 4 days filled with fun, food, football, family, friends, even Framboise (raspberry beer), and another F-word if you can believe it...I think I haven't had as whirlwind of a time in a long while. I think the most interesting thing I heard was the turkey infused with vodka.

Yesterday, I read an article about the 'turkey drop' which is the last time someone can break up with their significant other until after Vday in February. So I didn't really ponder much on it until it was 430 this morning, and I woke up to piss. (I can only imagine how funny I look with my breathe-right on my nose, my sleep mask on my eyes, and my hoodie on over my head walking around my apt in the middle of the night).

Then I couldn't get the thought out of my head that I would spend another holiday season alone, how I was a failure, and how it feels to wake up alone every morning. Well, after a 20 minute pity party, I was still tired so I decided that I wanted to get over that thought. It comes down to not worrying about things what will be will be, c'est le vie. After that I fell back to sleep and dreamed about some boys and woke up refreshed and alive. I'm looking forward to the holidays, to making this one special, and to enjoying the time that I have (for none are promised tomorrow).

Sorry to be a bit down; I'm actually feeling much better today since the sun is shining!


Michael Rivers said...

You sleep in a hoodie? I also wear a sleepmask to bed, but that's all I wear. I probably really look weird walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. LOL.

Make sure you spend the holidays with friends and loved ones. That helps a great deal when you are single. I'm doing the same.

Dane said...

Yeah, I wear a hoodie to bed, it was a free one from a clothes promoter and it has no sleeves but since I live in a 1920s apt with my bed next to the window, I enjoy it. It has really helped me sleep because it cuts out some of the outside traffic from the nearby thoroughfares.

So you're naked except the sleep mask? LOL

This Thanksgiving has really been a great and wonderful start to some new traditions for me and friends. I always spend the holiday proper with family and then the times around it with friends old and new. I really enjoyed this Thanksgiving and I'm one of the most blessed people in the world!

Anonymous said...

I wear a hoodie to bed too...but no mask and no bottoms, so yea I prob look strange too in the middle of the night;)


Dean Grey said...


Don't get yourself down! Like Michael suggested, spend time with family. You're really not alone if you have loved ones by your side, right?

And while everyone is disclosing what they wear to bed, I might as well go next.

Just a basic t-shirt and sweatpants. Boring!


Dane said...

Thanks boys. I do wear boxer briefs to bed with my hoodie (only in the winter do I wear the hoodie).

Dean, you are anything but boring!

Steven, we all look strange in the middle of the night

I am cheery. I had a great dinner with friends tonight!