Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today is the last day I will be in 4-digit life. Tomorrow I will be into my 10,000th day, which is a fun feat. It would be cool if people celebrated each thousand days rather than every 365, because it allows for more growth, learning, and understanding of the world.

MAPS3 passed. I was gracious in the loss but understand that to get the glam you've gotta get the grit.

Tonight's the fall-finale of Glee and I'm excited to see it but sad to have to wait 5 months for it's return.

I'm kind of bored today at work and tired too...


Steven Anthony said...

I feel the same about glee......having the same kinda day at work too, its the weather for me, to much snow, not enought sun....


Dean Grey said...


I saw the season finale of Glee last night. Cute show, interesting cliffhanger.

Happy 10,000 Day!! LOL

Now you tell me! I missed mine like three years ago! Dang!

Still an interesting concept though! Maybe I can hold out and celebrate my 15,000th day when I hit my 40's! *sigh*