Monday, November 2, 2009

This is how bad it could have been!

This was the image that I.M. Pei contrived for the future of Downtown Oklahoma City. It could look modern and space aged (e.g. The Jetsons) which was all the rage when it was designed; but I see it as a cold and square space that doesn't allow for grit and grime (read: creativity; life) in downtown at all. This is the first image I've seen and I'm so happy that the oil boom went bust in the early 80s (and kept this plan from being realized)...Only the historical buildings were destroyed.

I really hope that MAPS3 will not pass as it currently stands! Guess we'll see in December.


Steven Anthony said...

it kinda looks like a creepy syfy movie...cold, ..... not so good

Dean Grey said...

Very uninspiring for sure!