Monday, October 19, 2009

My Weekend

Well I had an amazing weekend with friends and some new acquaintances...It started on Thursday night with the opening at work, and while it was a little under attended and sales were slow, people were friendly and it was nice to see everyone out and about. I had had a long day so I called a friend to come over and hang out for a bit. He was a bit tired but decided it would be relaxing for both of us to see each other...

So Friday was a good day; I worked and then went and hung out with my neighbors and we had pizza & wine! They are a trip and we always have a fun time hanging out. It's amazing how you can get to know new people in such a short amount of time.

Saturday I woke up bright an early knowing that it would be a fun/football filled day. As stated in an earlier post, I didn't have cable or internet so I was a bit pissed because I like on Weekend mornings to watch [usually] tv with my coffee. I got out of the house around 11 and went to my friend Annah's house to go to some estate sales. We both had plans for later in the day so we wanted to be quick about it. The two houses had some good finds for cheap so I spent a bit of cash on books and pottery (my two things I buy when out there).

At 2pm I was scheduled to meet my friend Ashley (boy) to go shooting at the firing range. It was so much fun being out there! When we arrived the place was pretty dead (because the OU/texas game was still on) but when we left it was hopping. He has a 9mm. We had a lot of fun and after taking about 15 minutes to figure out his gun, I was almost better than he was at our targets. He's had some police training and I've had NRA & Oklahoma safe hunter training so we were pretty evenly matched. I would post a picture of my final target but Ashley hasn't uploaded them yet to facebook.

So we decided it was time for beer after shooting. We went to a bar to grab some Octoberfest brews and he didn't like his (Boulevard wheat Octoberfest) but we both LOVED mine (Sam Adams Octoberfest). Of course, we couldn't find it at the liquor store because Sam Adams had already moved to their winter beer and it wasn't on the shelf. We got liquor instead.

We got fucked up on whiskey and rum. and Lays sour cream and onion chips. And that's the end of Saturday night because I crashed out on his couch. I woke up later thinking I was at home and where did this blanket come from LOL. But his neighbors had stopped by and one set was really cool; the others were kind of douchey. I was friendly with both (of course) because I'm only an ass to people that provoke me when drunk haha.

Well, I woke up early on Sunday went home showered and drank some coffee to get ready to go back to the epitome of the perfect Estate Sale up in a swanky neighborhood (with 50% off prices!)...When we got there, there was about 100 people milling around the house (including people that looked to be close to death, those with small children, and those who are too obese to get down the crowded corridors). There were a lot of great items; probably the most expensive nativity set I've ever seen (purchased by some savvy gays), a copper pot set worth about 10K, and many many many items that were very nice. I ended up spending about 15 bucks and went home this weekend with things I actually needed rather than things that would look pretty in my place (but will regardless look amazing! haha)

Well I got an early start to bed and a great start to the week ahead so hopefully it will come out as good as I'm planning it to be!


Michael Rivers said...

A very busy weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun! Take me with next time!! :-)

Anonymous said...

estate sales....I love them, take me next time:)

seriously glad u didnt drink then