Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Should I take a big risk and possibly get fired (or possibly promoted)? DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!


Michael Rivers said...

I don't know. Depends what it is!

Steven Anthony said...

I guess you need to ask yourself, does the promotion out way the risk?? thats a hard one;)

Dane said...

I'm taking a chance and going to my boss about it. I've got to protect the organization first and hopefully will not be jeopardized in the process. The chances of a promotion here are .001%-.002% LOL.

Dean Grey said...

Dane, you big dummy!

How can we give you advice when we know so little about the details?

IMHO I don't think anyone should take HUGE risks...at least in the business world. I always heard successful businesses took calculated risks, not risky ones.

Good luck to you!!


Dane said...

It ended up not being that big of a risk to meet with the director of the organization. I am trying to be a bit coy though just in case my boss ever finds this blog.

It's a long game and I'm trying to win it big...it will work out.