Saturday, October 10, 2009

Awkward! etc

So I am sittin at home on this cold autumn morning, getting ready to watch football and pleasuring myself with some porn on the computer...a little background, I just moved into a quad-plex with a common entrance downstairs with 1 great neighbor and one that's a bit annoying..

Well the hot, straight(-ish), hipster neighbor (great one!) walks upstairs and offers me some scones he made and luckily I had sweat pants on and a t-shirt that covered things but I'm not sure if he saw what I was packing...We chatted for about 15 minutes and I have a feeling we're gonna be good friends. I just felt a bit awkward being hard when he came up..We shall see..

In other news, last night's Gala was a lot of fun and moving with good speeches and awards given to deserving people. I really hope to do big things in my life so maybe I should watch less porn and get out there and do something. *I'm not a second class citizen. (*theme of the National Equality March this weekend). BIG party tonight...will be fun and a hot tub good time...

I still need to paint and hang art but I broke my hammer building my friends deck and I can't get paint until I get paid.


Michael Rivers said...

It's a hassle when you are pleasuring yourself and someone knocks on the door. Unless it is a hot neighbor bringing you scones! Very nice. Keep us posted on the developments!

Dean Grey said...


You were jacking off in a shared space while a hot neighbor walked in with baked goods?!?

WTF! That totally sounds like a bad porn movie plot!

Why didn't you just "take care of business" in your own apartment (bathroom, bedroom, etc.)?

It did sound hot though, especially knowing you could be caught!

Let us know what he bakes next!


Dane said...

Sorry, It wasn't a common space, the common space is the staircase. I just couldn't not answer the door; btw I would not jerk off in public lol. I mean he heard the tv (and I was only looking at some pics at that time). But it was a good scone haha. What baked good should I bring him??

Dean Grey said...


Try brownies or cookies of some kind.

And if you're feeling adventurous, try baking a glazed poundcake! They're awesome!!

-Dean (^_^)

Dane said...

We decided this weekend to have a bake off here and make our other neighbor (the girl next door) be the judge!! I can't wait!