Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 Things

First, I'm trying to figure out whether I should build or buy a couple of benches for my dining room table. I have an odd sized table and want to do benches but they are either too short or way too expensive for my taste...I've looked at all of my favorite stores online (west elm, CB2, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Ikea) and have had no luck as of yet. I guess I need to check out the Target site.

Second, tonight is the first night since I've moved into the new place that I haven't had plans in the evening. It's weird to me because I've gotten used to having people around so much. I mean it's only day 9 but still it's weird. I do really enjoy the place and can't wait to put more of my stamp on it. Once I paint walls & get art hung, I'll post some pics. I'm quite impressed with the place so far.

Busy weekend ahead; will post updates from the phone as I can.


Cockbag LLC said...

Do you have a Value City Furniture where you live. I know it doesn't sound trendy but they occasionally have good stuff and you can look online first.

Dean Grey said...

What about flea markets or garage sales, Dane?

Maybe you could pick up some secondhand things, that once cleaned, will look good as new!


Dane said...

I'm keeping an eye out at estate sales and hoping to find something cute soon! I wanna start having dinner parties ASAP!

My dad also said I could build them in his shop if I can't find any in the stores.

Dean Grey said...


Now this is making me wish I was having a dinner party!