Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I did over on My Summer Break

LOL kids, I feel like it's been a hot minute since I've even thought about this blog. It was nice getting comments over the summer but I was going through some stuff (as we all are all the time), both good and bad. It's amazing how I've missed writing (even in an online quasi-anonymous journal format) and how I've got to start doing so again to get in a better habit of it.

I think we spend our teens figuring out what we are and our twenties figuring out who we are. I do so much soul searching, you'd think it's pristine and well organized. I've been finding myself and sometimes that scares me because I'm powerful beyond my wildest beliefs.

Anyway, this summer brought a lot of fun opportunities and neat people into my life. The majority of June was spent working really hard 5 days a week and playing really hard 2.5 days a week (overlaps are fun!). Pride came and went (as usual) and I met a guy. (I actually met about 50 guys but one caught my eye).

His name was Ja (not to be confused with JH, who I still love but there's lots of stories about that). Well Ja and I dated for about a month (the sex was great, the conversation was better haha) and then he decided that he didn't want a relationship, it hindered his style, and that his schedule and mine didn't mesh well enough to date. It was great while it lasted, I met (and made friends with) his friends and he met a few of mine. Great, except he got a new boyfriend the next week (I found out at a party he'd invited me to nonetheless). Well, I was pissed for a few days and went through the hurt/pain/pity party again and then I realized that his breaking up with me wasn't about me. It was about him and his nature and that made everything better (and THEN Ja's best friend came up to me and told me that Ja wanted to get back together with me and was afraid of it turning into something real! *GASP!*) Well, I just let sleeping dogs lie and didn't bother trying to cause any drama.

So, JH and I haven't spoken much lately because he got a girl pregnant when he returned home from Iraq. (well he thinks he did, they still need a paternity test). We still write when we can and I'm thinking about going to visit him (he lives in West Texas) during our mutual football game in November.

I've been dabbling in dating a little bit lately (the breakup happened a month ago) but I'm just not feeling it right now. I hate having to go on so many first dates and it's really ridiculous to have to meet people and go through the 50 questions with each (and try to remember their responses). So I'm focusing on my friends and work.

The family is good, work is good (finally got moved into a new office after 4 months of working in a storage closet), although I am searching for a new job (either here in OKC or elsewhere). I am also trying to find a place to live that's cheaper than my current place because I was told I wouldn't be getting a raise this year. That really sucks because I'm the only single income person at my organization. So moving is the key word for fall 09! I say this every year (since like 04 HAHAHAHA) so we shall see what comes of it all.

I also ran into some friends of my old roommate and have been dealing with a lot of baggage that I thought I had the drama of it all has really been draining. But I've made some great new friends otherwise so I'm happy on that front.

Football season starts in 3 days!!! I couldn't be more excited!! Talk to you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Im 42 and still finding not sure, does it ever change??

Im happy I found your blog:)

Dean Grey said...


It sounds like a lot happened to you this summer but that you survived it all too.

Welcome back from your blogging hiatus!!

-Dean (^_^)

Dane said...

Thanks guys!