Thursday, September 17, 2009

MAPS3 Proposals & Thoughts

Below is the list of the proposed changes to OKC to be voted on in 3 months by our citizens. We've had 2 relatively successful programs of revitalization over the past 16 years so I hope this one can live up to the standards of those.

The first was to revitalize our downtown area by creating tourist attractions and bringing business back to the core of the city. The aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing played a large role in this because of all of the federal dollars being invested in the area as well. The second MAPS project has yet to fully play out because they are still constructing new schools for all of OKC's schoolchildren.

The list is as follows:

-A new, approximately 70-acre central park linking the core of downtown with the Oklahoma River
-A new rail-based streetcar system, plus potential funding for other rail transit initiatives, such as commuter lines and a transit hub
-A new downtown convention center
-Sidewalks to be placed on major streets and near facilities used by the public throughout the City
-57 miles of new public bicycling and walking trails throughout the City
-Improvements to the Oklahoma River, including a public whitewater kayaking facility and upgrades intended to achieve the finest rowing racecourse in the world
-State-of-the-art health and wellness aquatic centers throughout the City designed for senior citizens
-Improvements to the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds

It seems like we're forcing this one. The previous ones have been so much more organic.


Anonymous said...

much luck...hope it goes the right way for all of you. ;)


Dean Grey said...

So Dane.....

What do you think about the proposals for your city?

They all sound like promising ideas to me.

What are the reactions from the others in your community? Are they against some of these or in favor of them?

Just wondering!


Dane said...

I'm turning it into a new post! It was too much to write in a comment window.