Wednesday, September 23, 2009


IT's true that I love this show! I watched the pilot like 7 times over the course of the summer and have loved every episode since!

So cute!

I was in Glee Club in college and I MISS it fully! I loved it and absolutely wish I could go back. It was actually an all male a capella group but with 4-8 parts singing. It was amazing and we recorded a cd and it was really great. It comes up on my iPod still almost daily...


Anonymous said...

I have not seen the show..but you write about it with such joy..I will be sure to check it out,,,u should post a copy of your glee club cd, it would be cool to hear.

peace friend;)

Dean Grey said...

That is indeed a cute show, Dane!

Who knew you could not only sing but sang!

You go boy!