Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Geez, it's been a hot while since I've updated. I know the 4 readers I had previously are now probably down to one lol, sorry. Working too much is to blame.

3 things:

1) I'm incredibly frustrated with work today. It just seems like everything I do is completely scrutinized and I feel like I'm going above and beyond the call of duty...My boss just has these completely ridiculous scruples for me to follow.

2) "working a buzz into my prostate" was a phrase I had often read/heard in porn but never had it happened to me until last Thursday night...wow is all I can say.

3) Happy Cinco de Mayo.


Jay said...

Oh come on i can't be the only reader :)

Hoope your cinco de mayo was fun


Stephen Chapman... said...

I am reader 2!

Anonymous said...

a few of us are still here... and I can't complain as I've not been very diligent with posting either.

Now, explain this working a buzz into your prostrate!

Dane said...

well a buzz in your prostate is when you're getting fucked and the rubbing of the prostate creates this warmth that's unexplainable yet so pleasurable. A good time was had by all...

Dean Grey said...


Cinco de Mayo?

If you don't update your blog soon, it will be time to celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Post something!


Anonymous said...

ok, I think I might make 5 readers now:) And the whole prostate thing, well lets just say sounds um interesting;)