Monday, March 2, 2009

Wow I suck!

Sorry, with all of my financial woes and work schedule, I've been too busy to update. I'm having a slow day at work today so it's all working out.

I had to get a second job (which I think I previously mentioned). I'm now working as a valet at a swanky hotel in OKC. It's nice, people just give me money for doing not very much. I need just a little bit more cash because while I love working at the non-profit I work, I need some more cash to get by. I know I'm consistently underemployed but with 2 jobs I can finally dig out of debt. Isn't that a sad state to be in (in the grand scheme of things)?

It's definitely cut into my personal life but I find that with less free time, I'm able to cherish my time off a bit better. I've gotten more productive when I'm off work (and this is officially the most boring post ever). And I finally got my bank account fixed after almost a month of overdraft fees/the bank fucking me over.

I thought about it and I didn't have sex for an entire month! February at that! I don't know whether to cry or celebrate that. I know I'm on a trajectory for greatness, whether it be at a career I love or in a relationship that is beautiful. I have hope. All I need is faith lol.

Anyway, it's amazing the tapestries we weave in life. On Saturday night, I parked a couple that I used to serve when I was a bartender (regulars), parked a guy I went to HS with, and parked a couple that used to be my neighbors. I guess it should just remind me of how small the world (and subsequently OKC) is.

I think that's about all. I'm thinking about new career paths so that I can finally reach my potential. JH leaves Iraq in 2 days! I'm so happy for him. I also have a date tonight...YAY for blind dates.


Jake said...

I've never gone on a blind date. I'd probably be way too scared to go haha.

christopherc said...

The two blind dates I have had went well, but both were points that a trusted friend was trying to get us both out more and exploring ourselves. He was a good and wise friend - one of the few I trusted enough to allow to fix me up.

As for the rest of your previous month, it sounds hugely busy... in a good way.