Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Redux

Well, I had a crazy busy weekend! Friday night I volunteered at an opening called Momentum: Art Doesn't Stand Still, which is a large gallery opening for artists under the age of 30. I hope next year I try to get into that show. Here is a fun picture of me that night:

* My[straight, married] friend Stephen and I in the photobooth. We were drunk and having a fun time lol. Not to be confused with the other S who I went on a date with on Saturday.

Saturday was a crazy day filled with bank trips, estate sales, sushi at Cao Nguyen, laundry, and lots of other little errands. As many of you well know, Saturday night was my date with S. It was quite an interesting evening. We went to this new Mexican restaurant, had a great conversation, and ate a delicious meal. He started to feel ill about 85% through the date, so he went home while I went on to the birthday party that we were supposed to go to together. I wasn't sure whether to think he was acting sketchy or not but I don't know how much more I can take of it all. (this has happened to me in the past and is quite ridiculous; guys just be honest if you're not interested!) We've texted once since then but nothing major to report. I didn't even get a goodnight kiss, so I'm not really sure that I want to pursue anything. Let it find you, stop looking is what is reverberating in my head right now. I'm just gonna let go of it all and wait until something good comes my way.

Sunday had me waking up at 5am (really 6 but with the time change it felt like 5), was at work at 7, and was driving people to the airport for the majority of the day...such is the life of a valet/bellboy/courtesy driver. I haven't made much money this week and I'm exhausted (and my bum knee is acting up because I hit it on Sunday) so I'm a bit in the gutter and trying to stay positive about it all. I hate it that I can't portray how I really feel sometimes because people don't like to see someone that's down, but I don't want to feel negative about situations even though I'm just looking through them with an objective eye.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that photobooth picture. My mom and I always do one together when we go to Myrtle Beach for vacation every year - they're so much fun.

And you look so cute in that picture :-P