Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gettin Out

I've been working so much lately that I've been craving a vacation. Or a move. Or something as yet to be named. I really want to get out and explore the world a bit more than I have recently (sticking only to the regional areas around Oklahoma, and Chicago).

I'm working 13 hour days just to pay the bills and with the second job, I'm really trying to get ahead (or out of the hole). I'm ready to move on, and maybe this blog can help me move to that next chapter.

There's a house that I've been looking at and while it would be lovely to purchase, I don't want those kind of commitments until I find out where I'm supposed to settle. I keep looking at maps and find cities that I know I would love to live in. Chicago, Portland & Austin are topping the list right now. Each have great food culture, great shopping, and I would like to think a good job market, but who knows in this economy...

So my question to the world: Is it a good time to be thinking about a big move?

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JUSTIN said...

Obviously, I love Chicago, but if I had to move Austin and Portland would be near the top of my list.