Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb Update

Ok so I haven't updated in a few days, but there's definitely news!

My work put on one of the best parties I've seen in a long time last Friday. It was a great fundraiser and I really enjoyed it.

JH is coming home!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see him (although it might be 2 months). He's been stationed in Southern Iraq for about 6 months now and is part of the new president's the draw down plan.

My bank account is well overdrawn (close to $400)...and I didn't know how to fix it other than getting a second job! Anyone that knows me knows that I'm someone that doesn't enjoy debt and I like my free time. Who knew those went hand in hand??

So I'm going to be a valet at a swanky hotel here in Oklahoma City. The pay is good, I really won't have to do much, and they will work with me for my current job. Everyone I've told is pretty excited about it too.

I've met a few guys lately; mostly re meeting them from past encounters such as parties or the bars. It's quite enjoyable because I'm feeling a bit more assertive in my approach to them. I haven't been having sex (victory!) or even really going on dates as of late (no time due to work), but it's good to be reminded that guys might be thinking about you because you chatted with them in person a few days back. I have done followup contacts (where I usually get into trouble), but I think I'm getting the hang of it all.

Does the Obama administration seem to feel like the West Wing series to anyone else? It just seems like it's setting up like the first few seasons of that show (which I loved and thought was prematurely ended; they could have transitioned with a new cast pretty easily). My thoughts on the comparisons are:
1) highly intelligent and great communicator president
2) an early vacancy in the Supreme Court
3) early rifts with the VP who shoots from the hip too often
4) can't get traction on early agenda items

I'm just saying it's an amateur comparison, but I hope that he'll do as well as the fictional character did.

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Jake said...

I overdrew on my bank account twice last year, it only charged me $50, but I went crazy knowing I owed the bank and didn't feel better until I had paid it back. But that job you got sounds fun. I never imagined myself being a valet before haha.