Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Ironies

I've made some new friends lately, a recently engaged couple, and as we were talking over supper one night, realized that my former roommate is their current roommate.

My former roommate that threatened to throw me out of a 17th floor window.
My former roommate that stole over $1,000 worth of money, clothes, jewelry, and home items.

It turns out that he has subsequently gained about 30 pounds, is still using my towels, doesn't have my clothes in his closet (as far as I could see), his workplace burned down on the week of Christmas, and he's about to be kicked out of his temporary residence.

I feel bad for the guy but I feel foolish for being duped. I have a tendency to be duped by con men who smile and stroke my ego. It happened twice last year by two different people, so maybe I need to be on my guard for that. It's still ironic how his karma keeps coming back to haunt him.

I went shopping and found a great little wine called Boom Boom Syrah. I hope it's good.

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