Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Goal Down!

I've successfully accomplished one goal. I failed miserably. I've been watching 24 all day and went shopping and chopped off all my sexy, naturally highlighted brown it's short and in definite need of a good style.

I spent over $325 dollars today on clothes, food, and the chop. I love the clothes(!), they fit, and the food is about to be completely enjoyed by me!! The haircut still needs some work.

I need another job lol.

But what I really failed at was sex. I wanted to have more sex with less partners, but I've completely made that an inverse situation. I'm just over 3 weeks into this new year and I've had more partners than I'm happy with. In a perfect world, I'd one maybe 2-3 a year. This year I've already had drunk guilt sex, high sex, and regular ole good fucking sex. I'm not proud of myself or my actions but I've let my cock get the better of me. Getting the better of my better judgment. I will say that I wasn't doing any heavy drugs, only poppers, which are the equivalent of a prescription for angina.

I hope that people won't judge me for being human. I already have.

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Jake said...

I know how this is. I've sort of let my dick get the best of me too - I've already had 2 random hook ups this year, and I've also wanted to lower the number for this year. Fuck 2009.