Sunday, January 18, 2009

Common Sense & Nonsense

So we didn't win the national championship game but our QB and other prominent players will be back next season. It's alright because texas went down in the polls too. mack brown still sucks.

I'm calling this post common sense and nonsense because people seem to have so much more of the latter than the former. It's irritating because a lot of gay guys seem so caught up in nonsense more than having any common sense. I was really fortunate to spend some time with an old friend earlier this weekend and he really encouraged me with some thoughts that I haven't expressed in a long time. I spend a lot of time on nonsense and it really irritates me. I don't know how to spend less time doing so unless I completely give up a lot of things I like. Maybe thats what I need to do.

I guess I am rambling because I really didn't have a coherent post but wanted to write something today. It's 2 days until Barack Obama becomes our next president and I've been watching a lot of the coverage this week.

I really need to live more of a life of purpose and ambition than I have. I have large dreams but get bogged down in the day to day. I want to direct my life in a more active way. I guess I have a lot of tools at my disposal with which to push my dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Dreams are good, and often if we ground ourselves in common sense; the nonsense will provide a bit more humor than stress!