Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been looking forward to today since November of 2004, the last time that gwb was elected. I knew that someday it would end for them and we would get a new president. I didn't even know that we would get a president to challenge us to be hopeful and to sacrifice and to push each other to grow up and be a great country again.

I'm watching the live coverage of the Commander in Chief Inaugural ball and I just sat here bawling because he actually took the time to link to some of our soldiers in Afghanistan. It was most definitely a beautiful moment and hopefully encouraging to those who in the military who were reluctant to support him.

I enjoyed his Inaugural speech. I enjoyed the fact that all the republicans in the office watched it live on CNN.com.

I still think that my sister sang 'At Last' better than Beyonce. haha.


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how we as a nation pass along the torch of power from one administration to another peacefully and gleefully.

Change always sparks hope for the future, and I'm glad to hear our new chief executive speak so clearly of hope and the future.


Dane said...

We were the first in the world to do so! We started the peaceful transition of power and it continually amazes me too!

I'm glad we finally have a president who can make a complete sentence without taking 29 minutes.