Friday, January 2, 2009

2008: a year in Goodbyes

2008 was definitely a testing year for me. I was tested in ways that I've never faced before in my life. But I think I grew more than I had planned. Thankfully, I didn't have to say a final goodbye to any friends or family members. Unfortunately, many of my goodbyes were as a result of bad choices (some chemically induced).

January had me saying goodbye to 2504; it was a beautiful place and one of my larger regrets.

In February, I said goodbye to a lot of my belongings after moving out of a dangerous living situation. My ex roommate stole a lot from me and I reeled from that for almost the entire year.

March, I said goodbye to a dream of moving to Chicago (finally). I love that place but decided it's better to visit.

April I said goodbye to the marine that I love. He was physically leaving me to only go home but later went to Iraq.

In May, I said goodbye (temporarily) to my driver side window and car stereo. Very luckily, the thief (thieves) didn't take my car (keys in the console), my iPod, art, or a check that had been written to me that very day.

June, I said goodbye to a lot of money to fix my old car. A couple of thousand dollars would probably have better gone to a down payment on a new car.

July had me saying goodbye to one of my oldest companions. Little dog was just over 17 years old when she passed; and she gave us a wonderful long lifetime's worth of memories.

In August, I thankfully said goodbye to new girl at work. She had been a thorn in my side (and subsequently to the entire company) and it was a pleasant ending for me.

September had me saying goodbye to a summer fling.

In October, I said goodbye to living with my parents and moved into a new place (138).

November had us all saying goodbye to that fucker gwb. He royally fucked us over for 8 years and I can't wait to see what he gets (we can all pray for lots of jailtime); unfortunately, his entourage is moving to Dallas so I'll be boycotting that town for the next 4 years or so...(too many secret service agents).

December had me saying goodbye to my old TV. I got a new one for Christmas and have watched way too much of it since I've been on vacation since.

It was a good year, but I'm glad for it to be over. Here's to a fabulous 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye often leads to a new Hello... in this case 2009 shall hopefully bring a new stream of welcomed people and events into your life to simply show you how important and remarkable you truly are to all of us.

Happy New Year... and best of luck!