Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching UP

Wow, I can't believe that the last time I posted was about Skippy. It seems like an eternity ago, yet like yesterday. Last mention of her.

Let's go through the rundown of the past 4 months, shall we:
1) summer faded and new girl at work was fired.
2) summer faded and so did things with J. I'm still reeling about that because he's become somewhat of a cancer in my friend group (sleeping with one friend and then moving on to the next circle member, leaving the rest of us a bit in shock). Aftershock this weekend..
3) Football season is well under way! We just had a major upset over Texas Tech this week and play #15 OSU this weekend. Football is a great bookend to Thanksgiving.
4) That little minor election occurred. I was one for 3 on the campaigns I was volunteering for and was very happy that we finally elected a change candidate (so many thoughts on this all). Was a bit pissed that Oklahoma went further to the right than any other state. (BTW, Barack was my winning candidate (win), Prop 8 passed (loss), and our only out statewide candidate Jim Roth lost).
5) I got a raise, moved into a new apartment and bought a couch: all in the same week.
6) The economy is in the shitter, but it's been there for a while. I railed on the housing bubble back in 04-05 (in my policy blog back in the day). I'm hoping that we will have a semi quick recovery and that people will innovate and create!
7) I've dated a few guys: one was hot, one was sweet, and a few others were not good matches for me. I'm now single and not looking for anything.
8) I really like a great guy right now but he has a boyfriend. I'm not pursuing it although I believe the attraction is mutual.
9) Prepping for Christmas and Thanksgiving has been interesting because the family has drama (what else is new, haha).

I think that's a good Reader's Digest update. I love the song playing in the gallery right now, haha. Update coming soon.

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