Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I can't believe 2008 is already half way over! It's amazing to think of all the things that have happened.

I about got fired last week because my boss is a pressure cooker and she lets things simmer until someone else points out a little flaw and then I get laid into...never a good thing. I left that meeting shaking and upset...

My car broke down about 18 days ago and it's been in the shop ever since. Unfortunately, it's gonna cost 1200 dollars to fix...money I don't have.

That in and of itself put a strain on my relationship with my dad because we see the world in fundamentally different ways and we always seem to butt heads. I've been borrowing my mom's car but it hasn't really posed a problem because she has been out of town. So hopefully my car will be finished today so I'll have it to drive (even though I can't go anywhere because I have no gas money).

I might get to go to San Diego later this month, which would excite me a lot. I'll find out on July 5 whether I won or not...My odds are 5 in 51 so they aren't too bad.

So I guess to sum it up: I'm poor, my parents are mad at me, work sucks (for about 45% of it), and I might be traveling in the near future. I guess things never change. Oh yeah, the boy I've been dating decided that his feelings are in the past but his wants are in the future. So yet again I'm stuck in the middle with no prospects of dating him...sucks to be me.

17 days till my birthday!!

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