Friday, May 9, 2008

Feisty Yesterday!

I was a pretty feisty blogger yesterday, popping out 3 pretty good posts. I was pretty proud of myself and then told people last night about my recent writings and now hope those things don't come back to bite me. I think that if anything, those are slices of time and moments in my life that I'm not necessarily proud of but we're all at our deepest not all that great of people. I'm not perfect and I've been saying that a lot lately. We still try to be good though.

I had a really great conversation about presidential politics at a fundraiser for my friend/acquaintance Jim Roth. He's running for Oklahoma State Corporation commission and made national headlines last year as the first openly gay appointed statewide official in Oklahoma (appointed by Gov. Henry D-Shawnee, after another commissioner resigned). It was a perfect evening to be outdoors and my friends' house was just beautiful. Jim gave a moving speech about how we can actually rise above the labels of homosexuality and just be capable people for the jobs we seek.

The political conversation was actually about the policy choices of Barack Obama versus HRC. I told my friend (who is an ardent HRC fan) about the different views that he has but one has to actually look for because he'd rather inspire with dreams than bore with details. I think that he is so different from both our current president and the Clinton's and that is why I want to support him. It seems like as I've grown up both of the 2-term presidents have been hated by groups that I'm involved in so I really haven't had a president that I like and can root for.

Things don't seem to be free flowing as well as they did yesterday but I guess I had bottled things up for a while. I really would like some resolution to some things right now but those can wait. I'm in no rush; I've felt encouraged over the past 24 hours like none other; and I'm excited to see what the weekend holds!

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