Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blue Wind

Well, I'm at work today and it's been really slow so I've had time to catch up on reading blogs, the newspaper, and talking to my boss. It is days like this that I'm reminded why I like my job. I had a really good conversation with my boss and she reminded me that we all have 'fragile days.' It's those days where we are just in fragile states. They happen to all of us, and I think I rely too heavily on them. I need to toughen up yet remain happy.

I think this philosophy of thinking happy has really paid off. I am happier at work and happier at home and I think now that I just need to conquer the fear of loneliness. I can travel alone, live alone, and eat alone, but I'm now at that stage where I know how that feels (invigorating and exciting at times, while boring and monotonous and harder to pay the bills sometimes) and I'm ready to move on. I understand that I probably have a few more lessons to learn and that's why I'm still single.

I'm still believing the truths that A)man shouldn't be alone, B) I know what I want, C) I've not met him yet, and D) as long as I put out what I believe to be good things into the universe, the universe will put things back in for me.

Ok so here's a list of things I like (and talk about a lot of the time):
  • Nature: I love trees, flowers, vines, grass, everything that grows from the earth; sunshine and rain are included in this.
  • Food: I love good tasting food; eating and creating something beautiful for others to enjoy (but hate cooking alone).
  • Liquids: Top 4: water, coffee, red wine (syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon) & Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • Music: Musicals, soft piano compositions, anything with unexpected chord progressions, anything where the lyrics make me think or laugh (Chris Garneau, Eric Himan, Rihanna, Gavin DeGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Boston, Kansas, Panic! at the Disco, Christina Aguilera, Fall Out Boy, Mika, Carrie Underwood, Michael Buble, et al).
  • Space: I like my space but want to be around people a lot of the time (60%).
  • Design: If something is designed well, I'm gonna comment on it. If it's designed poorly, I'm gonna comment on it.
  • Books: not a lost art form. I love non-fiction books, food (Michael Pollan is one of my favorite writers), and design. In another life I must have been a rich designer.
  • Talking: I love conversation. I love asking questions and learning about people, places and things.
  • Sex: Of course. Isn't this a given. I love exploring a guy's body and to pleasure him..
  • Travel: Let's share (I know I sound like someone who talks too much, but I love learning and about adventures).
  • Stars: Astrology is fun, but I'd rather look at all the constellations.
  • Ampersands.
  • Men with large vocabularies! I like 'em big!
Here's a list of things I'm not too fond of:
  • Small talk: if you can't engage me, we're not gonna get anywhere.
  • Divisive speech: Some people are catty for the hell of it. I've been there, and I don't find it makes me any happier or more successful (actually quite the opposite).
  • People with only one interest in life (i.e. celebrities, music theater, cars, etc..).
  • People with no integrity: I don't mind if you are a stripper, just tell me so (extreme example, but it happens).
  • People who aren't plugged into their emotions: I guess this is another part of communication and some peoples lack thereof.
  • People who are too plugged into their electronics/car/toys: I need someone that can look me in the eye and have a meaningful conversation with me without interruptions.
  • People who cannot spell.
  • People who know nothing and don't care about getting to know anything about the other person.
  • Insincere people: don't say you're gonna call and not; it's not lying. I can handle if you are not into me; I'm an adult.
I didn't really intend to write this today, it just came to me. I like posts like that because I usually have the opportunity to really get down what I wanted to write.

...Little baby sized socks and shoes....(one of my favorite artists lyrics).

Another great interview today:

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*Taking care of little dog over the weekend; should post pictures of her.

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