Tuesday, April 1, 2008


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I woke up early this morning in a much better mood than I ever achieved yesterday. The sun was rising and the light in my room was just perfect. I got up, ate a large breakfast (for me a large breakfast is 8 oz. coffee, 8 oz. orange juice, bowl of raisin bran, and 16 oz. of water), and came to work and actually got here early. I would move to a completely liquid diet if I didn't love chewy bread or a good piece of meat, or even the crunch of a vegetable or piece of fruit.

I have had love on the brain for a while lately (I guess it's a perennial Spring thing=new life, sunlight, boys acting like bunnies).

If someone was to ask me what my philosophy of God was, I'd reply: God is love. Plain and simple. Creation is an act of love (whether building a house, writing a book, or creating the universe). I don't necessarily believe the creation myth as it is translated though. I believe that love can create and maybe I need more God. Or maybe by finding more love I'd get more God? Who knows? What I do know is that I need to create more. I need to be building music, working on those committees to which I was tapped, and actually doing something artistic.
This left-brained boy might turn out to be an artist after all!

Update on little dog: she is doing so much better since she went to the vet. At 16, she's jumping around, begging for food, and trying to sneak cat food (which means she's perfectly normal!). It's an exciting development because she is old and wasn't feeling well for a long time. She's been around through it all (since I was 9) and I'll be sad when she goes. I need to get some of the weekend's pics up...will do today.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds as though your day is off to a delightful start. Hope to hear the outcome of such a lovely adventure later on today.