Monday, April 21, 2008

Humor Me

I really liked this article in today's Times.

Funny is when you have to print out 1000 pages that will be skimmed at best by 20 people at a table and then thrown away...The irony is that we're out of paper here so I've got to go to the store tomorrow...

Funny is when you hook a chain to a branch and accidentally pull down the entire tree.

Funny is when you tell your boss one thing (the truth) and she doesn't believe you so she has to stop her [two simultaneous] meetings to call the person it regards.

Funny is all the little rules I don't understand about the world, so I play my own game.

Funny is my very eclectic music taste and how we judge someone's 'dateability' on it.

Funny is how much wasted time I spend on a computer.

What is funny to you?


Anonymous said...

Funny to me is living in spite of those around me sometimes... back to your concept of knowing the rules of life I suppose!


Ryan Chow Show said...

Funny is like having something or someone that can make you giggle no matter how stupid it is.