Friday, April 4, 2008

Completing the Week

Well for starters there's 2 people in the office today so it's more like a prison than work (rules state that 2 people minimum must cover the phones at all times) I'm stuck. I thought I might share some stories with you at this point.

3am...typical waking time for my brain (although my body wants a new brain every time this happens). I woke up this morning thinking about work, then sex, then work, sex, then why Muslims don't have dogs. I reason that the cultural laws back when Mohammad spoke the sayings of the Koran were such that there wasn't enough food to have to share with one more mouth so it made better sense to just call them dirty animals. If you think about it, domesticated animals have only made the plight of man harder, not easier. Then I thought some more about sex (since I haven't had any in a long while), and finally came up with a name for a new group I'm joining (they need a name). Then I thought about why things didn't work out with the last guy I went on dates with. He reminded me of a guy I once dated (actually oddly working in similar professions and same complex) and I just didn't let myself recognize the similarities of personality until after things went sour.

I dozed off sometime in the 4s and woke up at 7:15; snoozed 3 times, listened to the bottom of the hour headlines on NPR and got up.

I went to a really inspirational committee meeting yesterday for an upcoming fundraiser in Oklahoma City. It's one of the largest fundraisers here (over 600 people) and it benefits the battered women and children's shelters. It was inspirational because people had no fear of responses from other people and although new were able to share of themselves and give back. (I actually have a verbal commitment from one of our instructors at work YAY). I'm proud to be a part of it and really hope to continue doing good things wherever I end up. I'm now on 3 committees and I recognize that while I am planning a move to Chicago (as soon as I get a job lined out) there is a lot I can still do here in the meantime.

I think that Spring has really shown me that I've got my groove back. I feel more energized and want to be out in the world again. I just want the warmth to stay a bit longer. I'm a bit worried about how my dad has ramped up his homophobic rhetoric. Every time he does it, I call him out on it, but he usually does it just in front of me. I was also a bit concerned last night when my sister and mom were talking to my dad and all they wanted to do was gossip rather than talk about more important things. I don't understand them sometimes. I just think maybe they need a good dose of positive energy in their lives and I don't know who to point their direction. They seem to either poison those good people around them or push them out of their lives and it's just weird.

I'm also wearing my new jockstrap (link slightly NSFW) today to work and feeling really confident in it. It's so comfy and unfortunately that's not me in the pic, but it's just what it looks like. hehehe. I haven't realized how sexual of a person I am lately but the animal in me is coming out...I just need a good guy to bring it out soon...

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christopherc said...

Love the jockstrap/animal correlation. You probably have a tiger all bottled up inside of you on any given day... just now it's ready to pounce.

ope the Chicago job hunt is progressing well.