Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woefully Neglected

I have neglected this blog for a few days and for that I'm sorry. Since I was sick last week, I had to fit 5 days of work into 2.5 and it took about everything I had out of me to catch up. We had a 'therapy session' (also known as team building exercise with a relationship counselor) on Thursday which helped (for about the rest of Thursday). The new girl has decided to micro manage my activities related to her department so I'm kinda frustrated by that. It's like people don't trust my judgment or actions (basically what we all said in therapy) but yet we don't know how to fix it. I say take responsibility for your actions, act more than you speak, and follow through on projects that you delegate to others (and be willing to ask for help when you're in over your head).

I read a lot of career blogs and they talk about this issue all the time. I think that I wish I felt a bit more rewarded out of my career, but don't want to give up on it just yet.

I went on a date on Sunday afternoon with a guy that I had met online. I had been reluctant to meet him because I've had negative experiences in the past (as had he) and so once we had talked on Saturday night for over an hour and a half, I knew I wanted to meet him in person. Wake up on Sunday, he's added me as a friend on facebook (good sign that he'll let me see his normal pics), and we decide to bump up our meeting time by 30 minutes. We meet for coffee at Starbucks (typical gay situation: message on ***hunt, playfully text, meet at Starbucks, et al.) and have a great conversation for almost 2 hours. I know that most gays at this point would just go to their nearest respective homes and played hide the hot dog for a few hours, but we both wanted to not go too far and make it a meaningless tryst. So he came along with me as I ran errands around the city and then we went back to his place to feed his dog. Fortunately for us we both had the same thing on the brain (which is sex, but we both want to wait until we know each other better). We talked about it for a bit and made out while the TV was on; hung out for a total of 5 hours on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I hope it might blossom into something (without me being too impulsive, or reading into what I want it to be). We have a dinner date on Wednesday..

Life at home has been kind of odd lately because my family wishes me to be straight and not live the 'lifestyle' of being gay. They don't understand that it's not a choice and if it were I would make the easy one of being straight. I don't envy straight people for the most part, but I do wish it was a little easier.

My sister is in Spain for the rest of the week; she went last week and is having a blast. I still have yet to take a picture of my haircut, but it's cute and I'm waiting for a sunny morning (the light in my room is perfect and balanced for head shots)...soon! be patient..

It's rainy here and I'm sick of the cold and dreary weather. I hope that it will improve for the rest of the week. Maybe I won't have people pulling at me all the time either for different things at work for the rest of the day...

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Good luck with this guy.