Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HAPPY HUMP DAY! (or get humped day!)

So Anyway, I'm at work boss is in a good mood and actually sided with me for once about new girl being passive aggressive toward everyone. We had a little conversation about the way things are and how we want them to be and how we think we can go about reaching those ends.

So I have a new pic (even though it sucks). I rushed it and the lighting wasn't as soft and present as I would have liked (or have seen in the past). Anyway, here it is..

Anyway, it's not a bad pic other than the lighting makes my teeth look yellow which I hate (and cuts off half of my face).

I have a date tonight with Andy, YAY!! I promise a better picture soon.

The last remnants of winter: Springs vestiges popping through a cold wet dirty earth.

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