Thursday, March 20, 2008

80% There!

I've spent more time on a mop cleaning up after kids this week than I'd like to admit. Although it's been a stressful week, it's been a good one. New girl is understanding now why I was warning her about this week of 60 kids and not enough processes in place. She also told me that I seem 'puckered' this week and asked if I was to be this way all summer...I replied 'yes, of course', because kids stress me out (especially all the little things that I can't control, or can control like the front door but don't have any other adults support on...).

I had my date with Andy last night; it was very enjoyable at a small restaurant in our town and we had a great conversation. He is such a gentleman and although we didn't get some tongue time in (he was a bit under the weather), he still made great company. We are planning a third date after the Easter holiday.

Another bombshell at work today, but it's typical and what I've come to expect. Not a big deal except I'll probably spend another Friday evening here and have to go drink it away. Speaking of's 5:15, and I'm still at work, and I just got a second bombshell...BITCHIN! GRR! I am shutting down now...

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Christopher said...

I'm glad to know the "darling angels" of bad parents are a nightmare to someone other than myself. You seem more adorable than normal when you're irritated by the brats.

Glad to hear your date went well and things are good overall.