Monday, March 3, 2008

12 hours

Wow what a weekend. I cut out early on Friday to go move the large items from my apartment and realized that I was still without those items that my [ex-]roommate had borrowed, some of which are irreplaceable. Anyway, I guess it is nice to not to have to move them but it was frustrating because they were not his (including some money that he had taken and lied about). I need to get over it all.

Well I spent Saturday enjoying the weather, clearing out and cleaning up some things around my parents house that were scheduled to be done, as well as some chores that had to be resolved. It was a beautiful day (I took pictures), and I ended up resting at home watching TV and just being BLAH! It was wonderful!

Sunday, woke up to a horrendous wind outside. Thought it would be cold, but the day heated up just fine and I ended up inside because the wind got annoying after a bit. I watched TV and did more chores around the inside of the house and tried to basically rest from the stressful weeks (anxiety keeps me up at night sometimes)...I was watching TV later when it got really dark outside and flipped over to the weather coverage (all local networks yelling over each other, it's a typical occurrence in Oklahoma, but after 25 years still enjoyable), and there was tornadoes to the west. So I watched that (completely enthralled) for a while and then went back to the Project Runway marathon. A couple of things: A) I don't have much fashion sense, B) don't really care for most of the gays on there (too femme and dramatic), C) don't care what they are making, because we don't see what actually goes into each design. It's all about the finished product and their ability to compete under stress. I guess that's probably why I watch.

Over the course of 12 hours, it went from being in the 70s and nice outside to snowing with a 35 mph wind out of the north...

Something I've noticed over the years is that I love using apostrophes on the word "it's". Also I use semi-colons a lot. I think they are fun and allow me (someone who has to pause naturally mid-sentence) to progress and process my thoughts.

I'm working from 9am to 10pm today with only one thirty minute break...I'm going to be exhausted and I can't imagine what little dog will be doing when I get home. I probably should describe little dog a bit: She's almost 17, a miniature dachshund, graying all over, deaf, a bit arthritic (if she wants to be), incontinent, and partially blind, but still a great dog. Her name is Skippy and she was a birthday gift when I turned 9 (in 1991) and broke my arm in the same week...she'll be upset with me to say the least.

I'm trying to integrate a new software with the staff which keep complaining about problems. A) I'm not a computer person, B) this isn't my department, and C) I picked this up to help other people out and now they are bitching at me because it's not to their liking. I'm sorry but when I take on a project like this, I tailor it to my liking and then we can go from there. I make things very easy to change but people are either too lazy or too untrained (which feeds back to too lazy) to do anything about it and then bitch when things aren't going as planned...

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