Friday, February 15, 2008

Reality . . .

I was saddened but not surprised last night to learn about yet another school shooting in the United States. Northern Illinois University, based in DeKalb, Illinois, was just the latest in a string of shootings this week. A boy was murdered for being gay in California; 5* people killed in Illinois; and on and on (*according to NPR/AP). I enjoy how the New York Times reported on this because they didn't offer commentary or speak about the need for more gun control, they just told the facts in a way that everyone could empathize with.

I was a junior in high school when Columbine happened. We watched it live on TV and pretty much all got freaked out by it. About 2 days later, a guy in my Chem 2 class stated that his project for our final was going to be 'how easy it would be to build a bomb from homemade items'; needless to say he was immediately barred from school and got his GED.

Every time this happens, I wonder what caused it. I wonder why parents are so consumed that they can't see when (even their adult) children need help and monitoring when they have mental health issues. I don't know how people get guns so easily, it's not like we live in the wild west any longer. I don't know why people want to go out with a bang when they probably just need a bit of love (and a hug). I'm not that naive to think that a hug could solve the world's ills, but I think if we were to talk to each other more FACE-TO-FACE we could make a start.

What breaks my heart all the more is that the majority (except for mall shootings) of the people being killed is MY generation. It's the people that are MY age, looking to better their lives by going to college (or high school), and their potential is being smashed. I wondered aloud in 1999, after Columbine, if this phenomenon of junior/high school shootings would eventually move up to college shootings. I guess now we know. I think high schools have done a lot and now colleges need to step up (as well as the corporate world) because they are going to continue unless our government steps in and actually does something about it. (I hate advocating for more bureaucracy, but I think in this case it's necessary. Britain doesn't have this kind of violence in their schools and has better education systems).

Anyway, I just wonder if because our generation is so idealistic and dreaming for something more that those whose dreams have been squashed will continue to whittle away at our hope. My hope is that we won't have a Vietnam like (late 1960s-early 1970s) identity crisis which dissolves our ability to reach beyond the generations before us have. Anyway, I've had a few heavy posts lately, I'm gonna try to have a light one with some fun pics from the week/-end.

LOVE someone, LOVE something, JUST LOVE today! For it's all we have!

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B said...

This was indeed terrible news.

You're right about love.