Friday, February 29, 2008

Random !?!

Well I joined my dad last night at a bar in OKC, as he is an acting bachelor this week (my mom is out of town visiting her sister), and we had an interesting night. First this girl starts flirting with me and lets me know that she wants my boys to make babies (!). I'm thinking WTF?!? and wow you are forward (ESPECIALLY with her long term boyfriend sitting next to her! but he was snipped so he can't help her out...). Then she proceeds to ask me 'what do you have?' and I'm not sure if she's meaning equipment size or assets in the bank or experience or what, but it was quite awkward to say the least. So she's going to leave and she hugs me like 4 times saying how nice it was to meet me and then she sticks her tongue in my ear (?!?) gross, now I'm gonna have an ear infection.

So once everyone else left, it was just me and my dad. We continue drinking and basically he lays into me about my being gay. He states that I'll never be happy and that this is not what God condones. I stand firm in my belief that I was created this way rather than just choosing to be this way. We talk some more and I try to get him to focus on the things that we do see eye-to-eye on and he states that we still have a lot more to discuss. Well so he gets pretty drunk and I'm tired of the smoky room, so I headed home.

All in all it was an interesting night and I'm glad it's Friday. It's moving day (little yay) and I'm going to get some closure from my ex-roommate. I am tired and popped my hip out of place last night while asleep so it should be an interesting afternoon.

That's All! Happy Leap Day!

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