Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rad Randomness

So it's been a very interesting week. I've had a lot of ups and a few dreads related to the calendar, but right now I'm gushing with emotion. I just got a sweet valentine card, one of my favorite people at work just stopped by, and I just helped this old woman that really made me cry. She just bought this really cute necklace and couldn't write the check because of tremors and I just felt so bad (my grandfather had Parkinson's and so I saw a great man with wonderful knowledge of everything, the most beautiful penmanship known, and a war hero reduced to a shell of a person; it is rough, even 8 years after he's passed). I'm a bit overwhelmed with emotion right now.

So last night, the roomie and I decided to go out to one of our local haunts to have a few beers. He had had a really rough day and so it was therapeutic for us to be out and about. Well about 2/3 of the way through the night, I see this really hot guy who comes and sits by us. I finally get up a bit of nerve to go talk to him and he was a really sweet hot sexy guy named L (shortened for privacy). We were dancing and having a lot of fun and just basically being gay guys in a bar (minus making out but with our clothes on because the cold wind kept blowing in when the door would open), he would feel me up and then I would sneak a grab of his ass and then we'd keep on dancing. L did come with a guy (M) that thought they were boyfriends but L told me that wasn't the case, so when the other guy M would look away, we would act a bit more scandalous with each other. He did reach in my pants at one point and I did the same thing to him. <>..but needless to say I ended up going home alone because L rode with M and it was a far drive for them and I wasn't gettin my ass out of bed at 5am to drive him home.

It was weird though because I ran into the guy (T) that was my *midnight valentine last year last night (*he asked me to be his Valentine at like 11:55pm on Valentine's day), and we almost hooked up again, but it was probably for the best given last year's events. I think he left mad too because I had started talking to L by the time he was ready to go. T looked hot though!

My roomie lost his car keys at some point in the night and a drag queen found them and gave them to me so I could get home. We made a deal that I would always hold on to the car keys when it was funny because of the drag queen incident!

Anyway, I just read an article that I completely agreed with. I think Americans run away from knowledge and it's just sad. It's the sole reason our country is facing so many problems today.

Enough of the randomness, hope everyone has a great day today: Thursday, St. Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, Get Fucked Day, or however you choose to celebrate it.

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Christopher said...

It sounds as though your day was a wonderful escape for the evening with a flirting glance of romance and adventure. Good for you!

Hope you have a nice weekend.