Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Life as a Shredder

I seriously feel like an Enron employee these days. We are going through a renovation here at work so we've been getting rid of unimportant documents (from the 1990s) and it's my job as the officebitch to shred each document. There's 7 boxes with at a minimum of 2000 pages and the shredder can handle 6-7 pages at a time (add up the time! blah). It's also temperamental and easily irritated so I have to take more time to make sure it's working properly because it was borrowed from the accounting department...

On a side note about the renovation, my boss has really asked a lot out of me lately and I have come off as incompetent (IMO). She communicates bits and pieces and then I do what she has asked and then once presented to her, she looks at me and questions why I'm not doing it right. I can't mention it to her because she is too busy to sit me down and train me (because I should be able to handle it).

On another side note about the renovation, there are a few people here on staff that have been here for many years (some a decade or more) that are upset about how the renovation is proceeding. It's going as directed by the owner of the business (a rich handsome gay oilman that inherited a lot of companies and has done a great job leading them) and the president of the board, as well as my boss, but no one is communicating anything with the staff. So people are emotionally vomiting all over me about it, I internalize that emotional vomit and then it comes out at the wrong people at the wrong time. I just hope I won't emotionally (or physically) vomit today at the weekly staff meeting.

Oh yeah and when I was adding an alarm code for the construction company yesterday, I inadvertently erased the cleaning company's code, so the alarm company/police/my boss got a call at 3am...We'll see how that works out...

I'm just tired of emotional vomit. It seems I'm either recieving it or throwing it up on someone lately (and it's been my roommate and we've talked about it and I'm trying to be more positive about it). I need to blog more because that will help me to process these things a bit better.

I've got great pics to post from my new place, and will do that later today..


Christopher said...

It does indeed sound as though the office renovations are taking their toll on everyone. I'm certain your boss realizes that you and she are both under a large amount of stress with everything.

Good luck and hopefully today will be a better day.


B said...

Sounds like fun, haha.

Hang in there