Monday, February 18, 2008

Life in Flux

I had a really rough weekend emotionally. I thought that I was doing better (coming out of seasonal depression, moving into a rockin place, fixing some relationships, etc.) but got shaken to the core this weekend. I am really sad and angry that I feel like life is so out of control but I'm now trying to make some choices that will put me back on the right track. My nerves are really raw right now and I'm more sensitive than I was but I think things will settle down in a few weeks.

I really can't go into details as events are still happening and I'm not distanced enough to make sense of what is up and what is down.

I need a vacation from life for a few days...I'm going to focus on what I love though, and hopefully be able to share that love again.


Christopher said...

From time to time, we all need a break from the day to day. I hope you get the respite that you need and deserve. Then you shall be more prepared to resume life at full speed ahead!


B said...

Hang in there D.