Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well so I'm about halfway through the day here at the gallery and this guy comes by to deliver some things for my boss. I see him, he's really tall (like 6'7''), well dressed, and kinda cute. So I get the things, put them in my boss's office, and he's still here. He's taking his time, checking some things off of his list, and then he's like 'omg I have a memory of this place.'

So he starts telling me about coming here as a child for camps and things. Well so he asks me to show him the Circle Gallery (which used to be a planetarium), it's got a domed ceiling, and I take him in there and he's just telling me how great camps were as a child. Then he states that all he did was the theatre camps and DING I knew for certain he was gay.

Anyway, so we start talking about what's been happening here (he's my age or roughly thereabout) and I like lean in and I kinda wanted to jump his bones right there in the gallery, but refrained.

Aah, to work in a gallery and run into gays (once in a blue moon). I am 100% certain he checked out my ass on my way back to my desk...too bad he had more deliveries. Maybe he'll come back saying he forgot something...

Just a fun aside to an otherwise frigid icy day (about flipped my car on the way to work; the 20 minute commute turned into a 50 minute one because I hit a curb and had a flat tire...).

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Christopher said...

It sounds as though your day ended far better than it started out! I think the idea of jumping his bones right there in the circle gallery is hot, although it may not be the best way to preserve your employment wither. Still the thought is hot!

Hope you've a nice weekend.

-C (