Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Passion as of Late

I've spent the past week or so trying to figure out what I could and should talk about when it comes to this blog and it's been a wrestling match between gay rights issues and my faith (typical match in my head) and I've finally concluded to touch on those issues if something comes up in my everyday life or the news, but I'm going to mainly focus on Apartment Therapy.

Now Apartment Therapy is defined by redefining our spaces and using them to the best of our ability. It places design under a microscope and insures that we're actually focusing on good design AND good looks. I've learned that minimalism is finally dead (for at least the next 4 months lol) and that 'creative clutter' or contemporary pairings of items usually not associated or whatever people would like to call it. I've been a minimalist for way too long (moving around a lot, and not liking to dust so many possessions) and now I'm enlisting the help of some of my good friends to help me decorate once and for all (or at least for the next few months until I find a new style lol). I've even started a spreadsheet to track my basic developments with my new apartment. I promise the next post will be full of pictures from my new place, and maybe even a few of me..

For now here's a list of the projects I'm working on this year:

I'm going to be reupholstering an old chair from my grandparents that is really in style these days. It's an old green drab velour with a stained wood finish that's faded from all the years of use and abuse. I'm going to re-spring it, sand the wood (maybe paint, maybe stain), and put a fabric similar to this color. It's also going to get new stuffing on the inside and it will be beautiful once its done.

I am really looking for wall pieces, sculptures, vases, pictures, prints, and other things to fill the empty spaces here in this apartment. Once Christmas came down I really have started to realize how empty this house is. I really want to make it a welcoming and inviting apartment for my friends so I can host dinner parties and such. One of the major purchases early this year is going to be either this couch or this couch. I just need an anchor in my living room that isn't my desk, the fireplace, or the tv. I actually only have those three in here right now with a rug and it's so bare! Even the mantle is completely empty so I'm kinda at a loss of what to do with everything in here.

I guess I should count the blessing of a blank canvas. The rest of my apartment looks so good these days, the rest of the projects are just small finishing touches.

In my bedroom, I need to get doors for my bureau, a print to go in the bedroom to tie everything together, as well as a headboard or the equivalent. I'd also like to get a new lamp and completely fix the side table up. I need 3 baskets to hold things as well to complete the space.

My dining room is completed except a sculpture of some sort over my refrigerator and some more wall decor. My kitchen only needs a bit of wall decor; I'm thinking vinyl for both rooms.

The bathroom was simple and is complete once I receive my last Christmas gift (coming from the UK to Oklahoma takes a while). I'll post pics once I have some time and daylight to take them.

It was 4 years ago that I went to study abroad and I learned so much from that experience. I brought a lot back from then too, and I'd love to incorporate those experiences into my decor.

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