Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Posts in One Day!

I've been reflecting on the day and thought it poignant that one of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King's key advisers (by today's terms) was a gay black man who's greatest achievement was pointing Martin Luther King to the teachings of Ghandi, putting on the march on Washington in 1963, and showing him that homophobia should be combated alongside racism. I don't recall the mans name but I do know that he passed away earlier this year. (I'll update the link at a later time). I'm just amazed that the battle for equality went on for 100 years after slavery ended. That's 4-5 generations!

I hope we as gays can unite and come to some sort of consensus because we are much more powerful together than as disparate voices. We're only 40 years into our public struggle, I don't want to wait another 60! I know I struggle on a daily basis even agreeing with the people that are in my life and that I love (gay friends). We are all looking for our own version of the American Dream, and I know mine has good things in it, and I need to be a builder not a destroyer.

The original text of this part of the post was coming off as really offensive (even though I didn't mean it that way), so I removed it. It will probably be reworded at some point in the future and become a post all it's own.

In other news, I've realized that I want a boyf that will be able to kiss me hello when he comes over (or gets home...when it's progressed for a year or 3), see what's playing on my iPod and be able to tell my mood. I listen to certain music when I feel challenged, other kinds when I'm down, and yet others still when I need encouragement. Usually they are all the same genre but I gain a lot out of my music. I enjoy choral music from my Glee Club days (Bison Glee Club: one of the oldest glee clubs in the nation, all a Capella music); Broadway music from my post college days ([title of show] is my FAVORITE show; then of course wicked, Avenue Q,; then lots of other random artists that I hear on the radio or MTV or NPR or wherever. I listen to a lot of NPR otherwise so there's usually 3-12 unfinished podcasts floating around in my little iPod...That was a fun aside, let's do it again soon.

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